Professional Airbrush Artist in Los Angeles for all occasions.


   New Showroom open in Compton,CA : 2100 N. Long Beach Blvd. Compton CA, Space EW-6 at the legendary Compton Fashion Center  (rear by parking Lot)video surveillance and security on duty 24/7.Walkings are Welcome

We specialize on custom airbrushing for all occassions. we are voted #1 company for Airbrush parties(barmitzvahs,grad nights, pool parties, corporate events,birthday bash & anniversaries)We do a lot on the field painting: batting helmets,sports banners, fashion shows, fund raisers, carnivals & fairs.


Established in 2005

   Herby started this business at the early age of 17, original from Acapulco,Guerrero, Mexico. He travel to California in 1997 to develop his talent and to perfect his techniques. In 2005 tired of traveling doing art shows all over the U.S. he decided to open Airbrush Nation in the hearth of Long Beach becoming the #1 source of custom airbrush clothing in LA. Actually he combining his time doing both Airbrushing & Tattooing.if you pay attention you can soon catch herby painting a mural in your neihborghood or tattooing at some local studio.

Meet the Business Owner: Herby V.

   Herby has been airbrushing for about 13 years. he specialize in photorealistic portraits,he loves painting murals on cars,boats & motorcycles. herby has a degree as Graphic Designer and for the last 6 years he dedicated his passion to the art of tattooing. When he is not painting or doing an event, he loves expending his time with his wife Nancy and his two kids Chris and Mark.



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